Certificate IV in Property Services (Operations)

Strata Community Australia (NSW) is now offering CPP40611 – Certificate IV in Property Services (Operations). This course is designed for those who may want to further their career in strata management as a licensed strata manager. This course will be delivered in partnership with Real Estate Training Solutions (RETS) (RTO ID 90897).


To undertake this course you must have completed your Certificate of Registration and have completed the following units:

CPPDSM3016A Work in the property industry

CPPDSM3017A Work in the strata/community management sector

CPPDSM3019B Communicate with clients as part of agency operations

All applicants for a personal licence must satisfy the Commissioner for Fair Trading that he/she:

  • is at least 18 years of age.
  • is a fit and proper person to hold a licence. Any person in partnership with a licensee in a property agency must also be a fit and proper person.
  • has the qualifications required for the licence.
  • is not a disqualified person.
  • has paid the relevant contribution to the Property Services Compensation Fund.

For more information on the NSW Fair Trading licence requirements go to www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au

Course Content

The course units will be clustered into subject areas as follows:

Subject Units of Competency covered
Working safely in the strata sector CPPDSM4028A Identify and analyse risks and opportunities in the property industry

CPPDSM4057A Monitor a safe workplace in the property industry

Customer Service in the Strata Sector CPPDSM4048B Implement customer service strategies in the property industry

BSBREL401A Establish networks

Leadership BSBLED401A Develop teams and individuals

CPPDSM4072A Provide leadership in the property industry

Dealing with Disputes CPPDSM4056A Manage conflict and disputes in the property industry
Management Agreements CPPDSM4034A Assess and implement strata/community management agreement
Strata Meetings CPPDSM4045A Facilitate meetings in the property industry
Maintaining Propertyand Facilities in Strata CPPDSM4047A Implement and monitor procurement process

CPPDSM4074A Select and appoint contractors in the property industry

CPPDSM4044A Coordinate maintenance and repair of properties and facilities

CPPDSM4063A Participate in developing and establishing property or facilities contracts.

Small Business Finance BSBFIA402A Report on financial activity

BSBRKG304B Maintain business records

BSBSMB402A Plan small business finances

BSBSMB406A Manage small business finances

Trust Accounting CPPDSM4006A Establish and manage agency trust accounts

Course Delivery

Just like the Certificate of Registration course, this course will also be offered in classroom and distance modes.

Mixed delivery – combination of Face to Face and correspondence. This mode includes 10 days in the classroom over a 4 month period.

Full distance/ correspondence delivery – self paced – you are emailed your workbooks and assessments. Whilst you are working through your units you will have access to a tutor 7 days a week.

Subject/Cluster Title Mixed Mode Distance
Management Agreements 1 Day Self Paced/ distance
Strata Meetings 1 Day Self Paced/ distance
Maintaining Property and Facilities in Strata 3 Days Self Paced/ distance
Small Business Finance 3 Days Self Paced/ distance
Trust Accounting 2 Days Self Paced/ distance
Customer Service in the Strata Sector Self Paced/ distance Self Paced/ distance
Working Safely in the Strata Sector Self Paced/ distance Self Paced/ distance
Dealing with Disputes Self Paced/ distance Self Paced/ distance
Leadership Self Paced/ distance Self Paced/ distance


Students completing the License units of competency will be given 12 months to complete this course. If a student goes over this timeframe they may need to extend their enrolment and additional payment may be required. This will be assessed on a case by case basis.


You will have assessments to complete throughout the course. Your assessment booklet will contain your assessments and instructions for completion. These are marked by your assessor using competency based assessment. You will need to post your assessments in as each unit is completed and you will receive feedback on your assessments as they are marked. There is a maximum 7 to 10 day turn around for all marking.

I already have a Real Estate Agents Licence – do I have to complete the entire course?

No, we will be able to grant you recognition for the units you have already completed. Contact us for costings or to find out how many units you have left to complete.

What if I need help?

Upon enrolment you will be designated a tutor who can help and assist you with any problems or questions you may have. Your tutor is available by phone, fax or email – weekdays 9am to 6pm and weekends 11am – 3pm.


If you are applying for RPL, RETS will organise an assessor to contact you to assist you in completing your RPL assessment. Any units you need to complete will be sent to you to complete. You will be designated a tutor, so if at any time you encounter difficulties you can access help and advice.


$3250 – Mixed Mode – combination of Face to Face and correspondence.

$2500 – Full distance/correspondence mode

Subject Clusters are also available for purchase separately.

How do I enrol?

Please ensure you have read the Student Handbook prior to enrolment. Upon receipt of payment we will get you started.

Enrol Now

To enrol or for further information please contact us at education.nsw@stratacommunity.org.au