NSW Board

sca-271016-portraits-14SCA (NSW) Board 2017  President – Chris Duggan
Strata Manager (Licensed) Chapter

Chris is Joint Managing Director of the Bright & Duggan Group, a national strata management, building management and property services business. He is a passionate advocate for professional strata management, and believes that our collective efforts can influence policy makers, assist in the education of owners and ‘raise the bar’ across the board.  Chris has served as Senior Vice President, Chaired and been a member of a number of SCA (NSW) board committees.  Chris also currently sits on number of government review panels and industry working groups concerning strata management, legislation review and environmental opportunities in strata and community management representing SCA (NSW). Chris was elected to the Board for two years in 2012, 2014 and again from 2016, when he was elected President.



IMG_1396-2Senior Vice-President – Daniel Linders
Strata Manager (Licensed) Chapter
Daniel is the Group Managing Director of Strata Choice. He was directly appointed by the Board in 2012 following a vacancy, was re-elected in 2013 and again in 2015. Daniel served on the former ISTM Board as representative of the Strata Manager (Licensed) Chapter and has been involved with various committees.



sca-271016-portraits-18Vice-President – Bill Coles
Strata Services Chapter
Bill is Managing Director of Cleaning & Caretaking Corporation Pty Ltd. He spent about 12 years as a Director of ISTM and now SCA (NSW) coupled with over 25 years specialising in the Strata Services Industry. He was re-elected to the Strata Services Chapter for two years from 2012, 2014 and again from 2016.



Reena Sept 2012Vice-President – Reena Van Aalst
Strata Manager (Licensed) Chapter
Reena has 26 years management experience, 15 of that in the  being strata sector. She is the General Manager of Portfolio Management and Licensee–in-Charge of Dynamic Property Services. She holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Sydney University), a Masters in Professional Accounting (UTS) and a Diploma in Business Management (Real Estate Management) Macleay College. She was elected to the NSW Board at the 2015 AGM for a period of two years.


sca-271016-portraits-15Tony Irvine
Strata Manager (Licensed) Chapter
Tony has been involved in the strata industry for over 12 years as a supplier, as a start-up new business, mentor, and a Board member for the first time in 2015. While on the Board in 2015, he initiated the formal Mentoring Program and also the SCA (NSW) Membership Reward Program. He is the owner of Irvine Strata and lead a team of 7 staff, comprising 5 strata managers and 2 support team. Tony was elected to the Board for two years from 2016.



Hugh McCormackHugh McCormack
Strata Manager (Licensed) Chapter
Hugh is a director and senior member of management at McCormacks Strata Management. Hugh was appointed to the Board in 2013 following a vacancy arising. He was then elected to the SCA (NSW) Board at the 2013 AGM and again in 2015 for a period of two years.



IMG_1388-2Greg Haywood
Strata Manager (Associate) Chapter
Greg has been a Board member since November 2007 representing the Associate Chapter. He has been actively involved as a Director and Chair of the Risk and Finance Committee. Greg is CEO of the PICA Group which includes Body Corporate Services (BCS). He was re-elected to the Strata Manager (Associate) Chapter for two years from 2012 and was elected in 2013 as NSW President and again in 2014. Greg was re-elected to the Board in 2016 but stepped down as President.


IMG_1389-2Melissa Truscott
Strata Manager (Associate) Chapter
Melissa was appointed by the Board to the Strata Manager (Associate) Chapter in 2012 following a casual vacancy. She is Chief Operating Officer at Bright and Duggan. Melissa has extensive strata management experience and has been a Director of another strata management company. She was re-elected to the SCA (NSW) Board in 2015 for a period of two years.


IMG_1394-2David Bannerman
Strata Services Chapter
David brings his extensive legal expertise and his broad industry knowledge to help support and promote the supplier services members of SCA (NSW) throughout the strata industry. He is the Principal of Bannermans Lawyers and has served on the Board since 2007. He was re-elected to the Board in 2011, 2013 and again in 2015 for a period of two years.


IMG_1400-2Colin Grace
Strata Services Chapter
Colin is a director of Grace Lawyers Pty Limited. He has been actively involved in the strata and community title industry as a member of industry bodies including SCA, UDIA and ACCAL. He is a member of various Government consultative committees, lectures on strata and community title law and is a regular guest speaker at state and national conventions. Colin was elected to represent the Strata Services Chapter for two years from 2012, 2014 and again from 2016.


Cat Head ShotCatherine Lezer
Strata Owner Chapter
Catherine is a dynamic business woman with a record of success; post graduate qualified she is a franchisee of Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisors Sydney. Owning in strata property for many years, she has been volunteering on various executive committees for 15 years. Currently Catherine chairs two of the buildings where she owns property. Always seeking to be involved in her community she has been actively dealing with legal matters, interior, lift and exterior upgrades, defects and a multitude of day-to-day strata matters. Catherine was elected to the Board in 2015 for a period of two years.